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3D Artist and Coder

Hello! My name is Conor and I have a passion for 3D. I originally studied Web Design at College and then spent several years after working as a Systems Administrator for a Web Hosting company. While there, I decided to pursue a university course in Game Development and fell in love with 3D Modelling (and picked up some coding along the way). When I'm not gathering reference images or spending my day in Maya, you can usually find me watching Hockey or studying WW2 History.

With my 3D work, I prefer to create realistic environments and items that can tell a story, with a particular interest in modelling Apocalyptic, Medieval, WW2, and Soviet Era assets, but I'm always looking to add something new to my work!

Main Skills

Other Skills

HTML / CSS / Javascript

System Administration

Video Editing

Audio Mixing



Conor Haining

A 3D Artist with a keen interest in realistic environments and props who can also bring his ideas to life through code.

  • Glasgow, Scotland
  • chdesignsuk@gmail.com


Bsc (Hons) Computer Game Development


University of the West of Scotland

A Game Development course primarily focused on Coding / Level Design / Serious Games with some modelling and VR modules, ensuring a rounded skillset.

HND Interactive Media


City of Glasgow College

A course that focused primarily on Web Design while also teaching students the use of Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere ensuring a good knowledge of design principles and usage of various Adobe products.

Professional Experience

Systems Administrator



  • Began as a Tech 1 and then progressed to Tech 2 before becoming a member of the VIP Customer Team
  • Work with a wide range of products such as VMWare, Backup Software and Internal Resources / Ticketing Systems
  • Communicate directly with high value customers to identify and resolve issues with their bespoke platforms
  • Work as part of a generalised support desk team on a queue / ticket based system while also resolving customers queries and issues via telephone

Web Designer / Analyst



  • Responsible for overseeing a small team of Designers and Developers in the creation of products for overseas markets
  • Analysed Mobile Marketing Trends and liased with clients worldwide in order to deliver products
  • Communicated directly with aggregators to launch internal products throughout Europe
  • Worked to strict deadlines in an ever adapting mobile environment

Web Designer



  • Responsible for the creation of bespoke creative websites for clients
  • Worked alongside graphic designers and developers along with creating my own graphics for the projects
  • Ensured customers branding was adhered to in the creation of products


  • All
  • Environment
  • Hard Surface
  • Sculpting
  • Props
  • Set Dressing

Cabin In The Woods


Glock 17 2nd Generation

Hard Surface

Detective Office


Hockey Puck


Rock Sculpt


Medieval Village

Set Dressing


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